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Bridges to Whole Health Wellness & Recovery


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Understanding the recovery process and learning strategies to manage its impact is at the root of healing.


Workshops, Classes, and tools to manage the impact are a necessity to support recovery efforts throughout all stages of recovery.

That Zen Life Wellness Foundation is offering a unique blending of peer to peer services aimed at strengthening recovery within an inclusive and supportive setting. 

We are a organization/human bridge to the professional treatment community and the recovery community. 


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No one understands the healing journey as well as another Peer Specialist and That Zen Life Wellness Foundation.

Encouragement coming from a peer to peer builds that added connection needed to reach recovery goals.

Whether it's Divorce, Alcohol, Grief, Mental Health, Trauma, Substance abuse or homeless-ness, our purpose is to provide a "recovery-oriented sanctuary" virtually or face-to-face anchored in the heart of the community.

It matters not what you are in recovery from, but that you know you're not alone.


Others have had similar experiences, so we're here to make no judgements while sharing how we got through it and help with reaching recovery goals.


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Holistic approaches to recovery are usually most effective, so That Zen Life Wellness foundation provides a variety of healing resources including connecting with other organizations who can help.


Recovery workshops, telephone recovery support, and recovery conducive volunteer opportunities just to mention a few.

Most of all, we give vital insight by:

- Being a medium for connecting people with recovery needs to people with recovery assets.

- offering a platform for the recovery voice to be heard

and much, much more.




Meet The Team


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Tressa Corbett is in the Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area;  Tressa is an MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS-I, Seasoned-Entrepreneur,  Mentor and mother of three. A graduate of the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, she brings skills from the mental health and counseling side, and is diligent, open-minded and thinks out of the box when putting our fundraisers together and being apart of special committees. Tressa serves as the Board member of That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc., we are lucky to have her.


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Luis Z. - Pimentel, survived the death of a child and father who both suffered from depression. He and his wife (President of TZLF) has worked tremendously toward helping others. Luis is a Retired Navy Corpsman, who holds a MBA, MHA (May 2018), and a Project Manager Professional, Contract Specialist, COTA; Bilingual in Spanish and English, and understands Italian & Portuguese. He has been a mentor to other adults and children, in the U.S., Puerto Rico and in Misawa, Japan. Handling some of the Navy's largest supply and contracts, he now serves as our Treasurer.


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Claos Anderson, is a long time resident and giver in Virginia Beach, VA. Claos has worked with different U.S. organizations ranging from political to charitable. Because of his heart and passion for helping others, he saw this charity  as a opportunity to extend his compassion and willingness to assist others, serving as  Secretary of That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc. His experience with working with people from every walk of life, and the ability to get things done continues to serve us well, since he came a board.


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PerCilla Zeno survived traumatic challenges and, impacted her in such a way that it's her passion to help others. As President, PerCilla serves as the Executive Director of That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit. She is a Virginia Board Registered Community Health worker specializing in Peer Recovery Support, Certified in Energy Medicine, a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Facilitator and certified in Health & Wellness from the UNC at Greensboro program. As a Speaker, Seasoned-Entrepreneur, Published Author and Mentor she continues to share her story while offering the community her very best to deliver a path of whole health wellness and self-care. Founding this non-profit in November 2017,  She is honored to serve her community in the Hampton Roads Area and nationally for those who've traveled a similar path.


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Raymond Barnes, serves as the Program administrator for the Community Service Board for 3 major cities in the Hampton Roads Area, A Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and a Certified Peer Recovery Instructor and a Military Veteran. When it comes to the community and serving, Raymond has very little roles he has not played a major part in. Raymond has a close and personal story, that keeps him motivated and fearless, to get what needs to be done for his community. As Raymond serves as our Vice President of That Zen Life Wellness Foundation, as the rest of our board member he brings a plethora of skills to moves us forward.


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Simon is a seasoned nonprofit founder and executive. As a successful fundraiser and he is experienced in all forms of development. He is a experienced writer, speaker, and communicator.

Throughout his career, he initiated and implemented numerous challenging programs with little resources. Part of his secret sauce is that he built unified, high-performing, dedicated teams.
He holds a Masters in Ethics from Yale. 


Virginia - 501(c)3 Non-Profit/Public Charity

EIN# 82-3441618

We are Here to Help.

That Zen Life Wellness Foundation is so happy, to have these board members serve. Each of them takes the time, effort and financial responsibilities, to make this organization great. We could not move forward in helping the community without these members. We believe health, healing, support, and awareness is essential, in order to see a chain reaction across the nation for a life path toward a happier and positive life. WE are so grateful for their service!

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